Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have ice skating at your location?

No, only roller skating.

What sizes of skates do you offer for rentals?

We offer skates from size 8 US toddler to 14 US men's.

Do I have to pay if i'm not skating?

No, we only charge skaters.

Do you have a membership or subscription program?

Not yet, we may in the future.

Can I walk with my child / a new skater in the rink?

Yes, we have a practice area on one side of the rink in which people may walk and assist skaters.

Can I take my stroller / a wheelchair into the rink?

Yes, we just ask that strollers/wheelchairs be pushed along the walls of the rink and not towards the middle.

What should I do if I've lost something at the rink?

Check our calendar for times in which the building will be open for events, during these times you may come in to find something you've lost. The best time for this is on weekends during our public skate sessions. We have a lost & found basket in our hallway with the shoe cubbies. For lost wallets, credit cards, keys, and other items of the sort, contact us to see if someone turned them in.

Do you sell food?

Yes, we have a snack-bar.

Do you sell skates?

We have select sizes of skates currently for sale (US 2 - 4 men's). Come in during our public skate for more information.

Do you sell parts for skates, inline, or hockey inline?

Not currently.

Do you repair skates?

We do not formally repair skates, however during our public skate sessions on the weekends if we have time we can offer advice and help with identifying problems.

It's someones birthday but they didn't reserve a room, can they still be included in intermission?

Yes! If someone wants their name to be included during our happy birthday portion of intermission, let us know their name at the front desk.

I tried to reserve a party date but all the spots were full, is there anything else I can do?

Yes, we allow for walk-in parties which do not require a reservation. For walk-in parties it is the normal admission and rental price per skater. If you intend to bring in food such as pizza or cake there is a $25 food fee. If you contact us before-hand we can allot you a table to set your food.

Do you take song requests during your public skate sessions?

Yes, we have a song request sheet out during our skate sessions. Family friend music only, no explicit.

This place seems awesome to work at, how can I find out more information about applying to work here?

Feel free to come in during our public skate sessions or contact us.